Global Ecosystems Data Download

All of the data generated by the global and continental efforts are available as pre-packaged downloadable zip files at https://rmgsc.cr.usgs.gov/outgoing/ecosystems/.




The ecosystems data for each of the continental efforts is available as continuous raster where each pixel value represents class codes which are described in the metadata for each dataset. To assign a color for each class, a downloaded data file needs to be saved as thematic (discrete) data, and then colors can be assigned using RGB values. The RGB values of the colors used in the data viewer (and various images and publications) are also available for download.

*All Metadata files are in XML format.

Content Accuracy and Completeness

Development of the continental and global ecosystems data was based on the premise that a biophysical stratification approach would generate reasonably robust and satisfactory results without a multi-year, multi-million dollar investment, making it suitable as an application under GEOSS. And although each dataset obtained and used for these efforts was considered to be "best available data" they were not always of the same quality or spatial resolution. Therefore these data should not be construed, in and of themselves, as "definitive" products since they could be improved in terms of strength of concept, quality of source data, and spatial resolution.

Usability of USGS Data and Information

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